Ramble N Shetland sheep farm

WE have registered lambs for sale. Double registered, NASA and FFSSA

Our Farm- Sheltering Pines Shagbark- World Class Ram!!!

We have 6 ewes. Which have 1 to 2 lambs each year. They all get fiber tested for fine fiber(under 28 microns). I sell ewe lambs for starter flocks, and a few rams each year.

The rest of the rams make very special freezer lamb. Shetland  lamb is known for its reduced fat( its leaner).

We keep the girls covered with jackets 9 mo. of the year to keep the chaff out of their wool. I try to produce the cleanest and finest roving in town.

Honey Bees in our pasture produce Raspberry honey off the raspberry berry fields to the North. Prized for its fruity flavor.

  call 810-797-4204, for a farm visit


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