Ramble N Shetland sheep farm

WE have registered lambs for sale. Double registered, NASA and FFSSA

Help the Ewes pay for their hay

Adopt for 6 months or 1 yr. visit them, pet them, name their lambs, spinners can participate in any phase of processing wool. $50.00 adoption

Holly hock-2011-Retired to an old sheep farm-Adopted

Holly Hock is a very friendly ewe. She likes people. Last year she had 2 male lambs . She has off white wool that is fine for her age(5 yrs). She is the flock leader and is very robust. A good pick for adoption. 

Dusty Rose- Sold 2012

Dusty is the ewe lamb I kept from 2008. She had a nice single lamb last year. This year There are two, a dark brown ram and a Black ewe lamb. Both very pretty. Dusty's wool is soft and a medium grey(I love grey wool). She replaced Sweet Pea whose wool had a harsh feel to me. Dusty say's "Adopt me" and help name her lambs 

Lilly White- passed away in 2010

Lilly is the best daughter of Dolly. Dolly is featured on our home page. Lilly annually  produces 4-5 lbs of wool. A  Huge amount for a Shetland. Her fiber test came out great. Well into the fine range. She has 2 super ewe lambs, and a ram I will hold to sell for breeding stock. He has all these tiny tight curls of wool. This usually means very fine wool. I am thinking of the name "Crystal White" for one ewe. They are all drinking from a bottle. Lilly was having trouble keeping up. You can help bottle feed these three youngsters by adopting Lilly and her crew. Pearl white (the other ewe lamb) is still on the farm and had Alabaster this year.


Coco Sold-Thanks Leslie

Coco is a deep chocolate color. Her tips are bleached, but it doesn't  lighten the Roving much. With her jacket on less sun damage will occur. She has two deer like lambs. A ram and a ewe. Both are black with a little white spot on the for head.

Coco has been a proud mom. This is her 3rd year producing lambs. We kept last years ram . Coco also gives us 3-4 lbs of wool.

Panda-sold 2012

Panda(2010) is very special but a reluctant pet. She was added to the flock to bring a pattern to the lambs. Her's can have white heads, tails, and legs(HST pattern). S is for socks. Her babies are a prize. Last years ram lamb was purchased to be a flock sire and went to the Lansing area. She has become tamer as she ages. She will eat out of my hand now. This years ram lamb is a dashing little fellow. I would like to call him Mas Mocha. He is dark brown with white features. She has brown around each eye, and so does he. Her wool blends to be a fawn color.Sold- Larry Hopkins' family out of Indiana bought him!!

Panda(2011) She had her first HST EWE Lamb and a musket ewe!!!!Lets me scratch her nose Now. Her wool sample came back in the 26-27 microns "fine". Lolipop sold right away!

 2011 lambs Loli Pop and Popsicle


Pearl White- pick of the year 2010-sold

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Black Betty-sold2012

This is Betty's first lamb and her first year to be sheared. She is still in her lambs wool. It should be extra fine. Her ram lamb is pitch black and a doll. She is very attentive to her lamb, and is a great  new addition to the flock. This year she my only have 2 lbs of wool.  Betty has a fiber sample in the mail to the Laboratory. They will tell me how many microns thick her fibers are.

2011- Black betty had Aphrodite, my pick for 2011. Very excelent ewe lamb!