Ramble N Shetland sheep farm

WE have registered lambs for sale. Double registered, NASA and FFSSA

The lambs had visitors Sun. 4/18/10


Adrianna got to hold a few and feed Lilly's lambs with a bottle.

Joe and Jean Smith came.

They got to see all 8 ewes and their 14 babies. Many were jumping and running faster than their legs would safely carry them.

Lisa brings Landon, Nolan and Savanna to see the lambs 4/27

Savanna gets to hold the bottle and Nolan follows up. Maybe next time for Landon. Savanna laughed alot, and Nolan was the "old pro", but Landon was a little disturbed by all the sheep calls going on.  It looks like Lisa has earned her Auntie award.

Please bring them back again!