Ramble N Shetland sheep farm

WE have registered lambs for sale. Double registered, NASA and FFSSA

Sheep for sale

all lambs for sale out of Sheltering Pines Shagbark- He is a horned single fleece morrit Ram.    His father is Wintertime Fudge,AFD 21.9,sd 3.9

Popsicle- afd 24.6, sd 6.6,cv 26.9-sold 2012 April,Bought her back and keeping her

Musket- ewe lamb- Soft handle- white coming on now. Nice solid build- Very friendly- very curious. Mottled face.She'll love you. Her mother is Panda. Fiber test in call for results. Nice intermediate wool. Wool color is very creamy now. $175 will sell both ewe lambs together for ($250. Ashley and Popsicle)


Aphrodite-afd22.7,sd5.4,cv23.8-too late-I'm keeping her

Morrit ewe lamb-  single fleeced. Very curly, lots of crimp. Friendly, curious lamb. Her mother is Black Betty. She is very special. Her fiber test came back superb. Will trade or sell for $300.00


Black Aster-Sold

Very black- ewe lamb. waiting to evaluate fleece, Her mother is Black Betty $125




Grey Ashley-afd24.3,sd7.0,cv28.8-Just had lambs by Alabaster

10/25/11 Still waiting for a home. She has a mind of her own. Has wonderful fine wool coming in under the lambs wool. Lots of crimp, looks to be 9-11per inch. Fiber test due in this week. $150.00 will sell both ewe lambs for ($250 Popsicle and Ashley)

Adonis-Sold to Three Rood Farm- Columbiaville-afd21.1,sd4.5

Fawn katmoget ram. Polled or scurred. Excellent single fleece with consistent wool length and type, front to back. Best Ram lamb I've ever had. Long body, $400  OBO



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